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The BIM Institute’s mission is to support and help deliver the standards and requirements of the Building Information Modelling(BIM) strategy for Africa and promote the processes and standards required to strengthen Africa’s construction software industry. The BIM Institute also serves as Africa’s business voice for the education community and owners who are working collectively with  all information technologies in a construction management environment.

The institute provides its members with protocols, knowledge and best practices for information technology solutions in an African context while maintaining connectivity with our international partners. Our primary engagement with our partners and affiliated members is through media and events in order to address their needs as we move toward developing and improving industry solutions on BIM for Africa.


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BIM is an innovative technology and process that has transformed the way buildings are designed, analysed, constructed, and managed.
The time for us to rethink our quality control systems is now and for us all to benefit from information technology that is constructed and developed efficiently for a construction environment. Indeed, before we can even think BIM we need to educate industry members and stakeholders that all software solutions are vital if the industry is to satisfy all its players. The BIM institute is setup to provide neutral and non-biased information on all construction technology, standards and processes supported by solution providers, professionals and experts in the industry.
We connect the industry.
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