About BIM – the age of guessing is over

The BIM Institute is the business voice for Africa’s BIM community. To help develop that voice, the BIM Institute have developed a five year strategic business plan to help enhance and develop BIM across South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

The business plan strategy includes a big five approach:

  1. Strategy: The mission, vision, goals, and objectives, along with management support, BIM champions, and BIM strategic advisors.
  2. Uses: The specific strategies of implementing BIM in South Africa, including those BIM uses for generating, processing, communicating, executing, and managing facility information.
  3. Process: The means and methods by which the BIM National guide are accomplished, including understanding current South African processes, designing new BIM processes and developing transition processes within an African context.
  4. Partnerships: The resources needed to support the BIM initiative, including building relationships with software vendors, hardware vendors, and industry professionals.
  5. Personnel: The effects of BIM on the personnel, including the roles and responsibilities, the structure or hierarchy, the education and training programs, and change readiness required for Africa to adopt BIM.

Vaughan HarrisVaughan Harris

Executive Director to the BIM Institute ,

Vaughan Harris is a co-founder of the BIM Institute for South Africa. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry and has provided training and consultancy services to the South African government, institutions and associations throughout South Africa.

He has an excellent relationship with the international estimating and architectural software community and with many of the major international corporations within the construction industry. Harris has been involved in various sectors of the construction industry locally and internationally before becoming interested in defining information management systems to better coordinate construction processes within the construction industry. As a result, he began studying and specialising in various information technology platforms while working with a range of parastatal clients throughout South Africa.

His seven years with one of largest construction software development companies gave him the opportunity to work closely with most of South Africa’s largest contractors and architects to define their internal systems and processes as well as being involved in implementing information management systems on large capital projects for Transnet projects in the Eastern and Western Cape.


Rudi Leitner

Rudi Leitner holds a B.Sc (Elec) Eng degree from UCT, and has a keen interest in how digital technology is transforming traditional industries.  He has consulted to international utilities and multi-nationals. He has played a key role in supporting the establishment of the BIM Institute in South Africa, and believes that the benefits of digital technology in the built environment space can revolutionise the construction sector across the continent.  He previously founded Spintelligent, now part of Clarion Events UK, and is also the founder and CEO of Touchwork, a technology company developing mobile technology based solutions..