BIM Training

Upskilling the industry

By introducing various levels of BIM upskilling into the educational space, we have developed an exclusive partnership with the BIM Academy Africa  to provide comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date BIM learning that is aligned to the international BIM framework standards and associated with the NavBIM Guide. Companies and consultants in an operational environment can now get an in-depth understanding to, guiding decision-making and allowing delegates to be more competitive on the basis of cost and efficiency in a BIM environment. We are delighted to welcome the BIM Academy Africa and WhiteFrog as our consulting and  learning partners to the BIM Institute.

The BIM Academy Africa (Pty) Ltd, backed by the BIM Institute of South Africa, is currently the sole provider of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training in South Africa. Our training is internationally accredited by: CanBIM (Canada) and White Frog(United Kingdom).

The BIM Academy Africa is proud to have done training within the Built Industry with some of the leading Companies. We would gladly provide trade references if required.

Companies trained through the BIM Academy


We have successfully developed an international reputation allowing us to present internationally accredited courses.

The BIM Academy Africa is the exclusive consulting and training partner for the BIM Institute. To help develop BIM awareness, the BIM Academy Africa have developed a strategic partnership with vendors and international partners to help promote and educate BIM across  Africa

By introducing this level of profession into the BIM educational space, delegates attending the two day workshop are offered a unique BIM learning opportunity. Companies and professionals in an operational environment can now get an in depth understanding of a BIM implementation and how to define their teams roles and responsibilities.

The course allows delegates from different backgrounds and skill levels to experience BIM implementation standards and processes in a supervised collaborative work role environment. The BIM4 Professionals course is software agnostic and does not cover any specific type of design application. We align our methodology with software vendors but focus on the process required to deliver a BIM project.


This one-day BIM awareness workshop is aimed at organizations who are seeking to develop their staff and managements knowledge and understanding of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process.

Attendees will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM processes in 10 steps together with business benefits and the critical factors for successful BIM implementation on projects. Starting with understanding a BIM strategy and working within a Common Data Environment and the importance of producing information into one single source of the truth. Attendees will progress to understand the various project delivery methods and by the end of the workshop will have covered critical processes, workflows and deliverables necessary for BIM in a project life cycle.

The one day workshop will be led by an experienced BIM Academy instructor. You can expect a combination of presentations and interactive sessions with some BIM case study activities.


The 3 –5 hour BIM Fundamentals 1 &2 introduction course published by WhiteFrog, is an internationally recognised and accredited course. The BIM Fundamentals course will offer the learner sufficient skills and knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the role it plays in the construction industry.

This eLearning course is designed to help educate professionals and organizations to understand the fundamentals on processes and procedures in BIM on a project.