BIM 4 Professionals Courses

Think BIM!

BIM4 Professionals is based on Australian BIM best practice and has been reviewed by members of Canadian BIM Council (CanBIM) ,  this international course accredited by White Frog (UK) takes delegates through each aspect of BIM including; current global standards, current project delivery processes, data exchange processes when used among different applications on a project and  contractual obligations in line with the National BIM Guide.

In a first for Africa, the BIM4 professionals workshop is presented and hosted by the BIM Academy Africa destined to change the face of BIM education and management in Africa.

By introducing this level of BIM education into the built environment space, delegates can differentiate by offering a unique BIM learning opportunity. Companies and consultants in an operational environment can visualise processes and make better guiding decisions for BIM on a project.

The course allows delegates from different backgrounds and skill levels to experience BIM implementation standards and processes in a supervised collaborative work role environment. The BIM4 Professionals course is a software agnostic and does not cover any specific type of design application. We align our methodology with our software vendor partners but focus on the process required to deliver a BIM project.

BIM4 Professionals Course Outline

By introducing this level of profession into the BIM educational space, delegates attending the two day workshop are offered a unique BIM learning opportunity. Companies and professionals in an operational environment can now get an in-depth understanding of a BIM implementation and how to define their team’s roles and responsibilities.

Course deliverables

  1. Overview of Building Information Modelling
  2. Overview of current global BIM standards, and protocols  used
  3. How to setup  a BIM Maturity Assessment for your project
  4. Defining the BIM Responsibilities and Roles on a project
  5. Understanding the requirements for a collaborative BIM information exchange process.
  6. How to setup and manage a BIM Execution Plan on a project
  7. Applying BIM processes on the various  Project Delivery Methods in South Africa
  8. Identifying the  various  file formats and data drop exchanges available
  9. Identifying the pitfalls between the Architect, Estimator and Contractor when working with a BIM model.
  10. What standards are required for BIM in South Africa


  • Experience and formal training in Architectural/Engineering/Estimating/Construction


Competition for talent is fierce in today’s marketplace. Employers want to attract and retain well-qualified, ambitious BIM professionals who not only work hard, but also help them win new projects and gain industry recognition.

Stand out with a BIM Professional Certification

  • Earn an industry-recognized BIM credential that helps prove your skill level and can get you hired.
  • Accelerate your professional development and help enhance your credibility and career success.
  • Validate your skills and join an elite team of BIM professionals.
  • Display your BIM certified certificate, use the BIM Academy logo to highlight your achievement and get noticed by listing your name in the BIM Institute registered professionals database.

Online accreditation Assessment Fee

Delegates attending the course will receive an access voucher to register for the BIM Professionals assessment. Delegates wanting to achieve a certificate accreditation can purchase the online assessment (R1100). The BIM4professionals course has been accredited by the award winning WhiteFrog UK training organization. The pass rate for the online assessment is 80%.


  • Attendance certificate
  • BIM Institute registered member
  • Access to the National BIM Guide, BIM Dictionary and project templates

Course Benefits

  1. Indepth understanding of Building Information Modelling, its benefits, technology and standards required to implement BIM.
  2. Explore major BIM technology and tools across project phases, see how BIM processes improve projects and understand the positive  impact of BIM on estimating, scheduling and coordinating
  3. Learn to prepare for negotiations, assess alternatives, build a climate of collaboration, get beyond stubborn positioning and develop agreements that work for both sides.  
  4. Understand BIM and terminology and the integration on BIM brief implementation.
  5. Foundation to establish and execute BIM process, facilitate assessments for project team and company-wide.
  6. How to manage the BIM procurement process by planning, conducting, monitoring and making adjustments to plans as required.  

Course feedback:

“As an architect, attending the course has made me realise that what we see when looking at beautiful images produced by architectural software is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the data that makes the image … Through BIM processes we can see that the image and the data are one – the image represents the data in a visual manner that we recognise and understand as a building.”Gerd Bolt architect – PRESIDENT: Pretoria Institute for Architecture

“ I found the course very informative in the sense that I gained a complete understanding of what BIM is about, where South Africa stands with BIM in comparison with the rest of the globe, how to deliver a  project from conception up to closeout complying with BIM protocol, a technical understanding  for data exchange and up skilling ourselves as Quantity Surveyors” Werner Olivier, SVR Quantity Surveyors

“The course was well structured and very informative. The content covered  a wide range of topics with regards to BIM and the implementation of it. Vaughan’s passion to inform the industry and to better workflows within companies is contagious. It was enlighten to meet professionals from different sectors, that share the same view on development and utilising technology and software to improve project management and communication. What a privilege to be part of this exciting journey with the BIM Institute.” Elna van der Merwe-  BIM Coordinator DRA Global

“It was a privilege to represent Accenture at the recent BIM4 Professionals course in Johannesburg. There was good representation across the built environment ecosystem of role players in the session which made discussions and debates very interesting and very pertinent to the issues being faced today in the infrastructure delivery space. What is clear is that all representatives agree that BIM holds great value for the industry and for clients who are innovative and forward thinking enough to “insist” that the BIM methodology is followed.” Vernon Harley – Accenture – Public Capital Infrastructure Planning & Delivery

“We are really pleased to see such a proactive response from the industry professionals in support of the BIM agenda. BIM4Professionals is a great pre-requisite to our newly released BSI  Kitemark BIM accredited course. We too have published our ISO certified BIM training to encourage a slow adopting market and we anticipate a number of professionals to start upskilling themselves in this space.” Nick Erasmus, BIMGAMES

“This BIM4Professional  course is one of the first courses to target the decision maker in the industry, the BIM manager.  A manager that can collaborate with the other disciplines to eliminate inconsistencies in objectives, to allocate budgets and resources, to formulate the processes that should be followed to complete the project.

The BIM Academy should go further and let it form a guideline or backbone of a course at tertiary level which is sorely lacking at the moment.” Herman Craffert Senior Surveyor – Concor

The BIM 4 professionals course was both enlightening and informative, the interaction and collaboration with the other delegates from the built environment was invaluable.”John Cornish – Capex Projects