BIM Fundamentals Online Course

The 3 – 5  hour BIM Fundamentals 1 & 2  introduction course published by the BIM Institute in partnership with White Frog UK, is an internationally recognised and accredited course. The BIM Fundamentals course will offer the learner sufficient skills and knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the role it plays in the construction industry.

Implementing or understanding BIM in an organization is so much more than choosing the right design software. It’s about educating an entire organization about tools, processes and workflows to meet stringent standards. Apart from change management it’s a big challenge.

This eLearning course is designed to help educate professionals and organizations to understand the fundamentals on processes and procedures in BIM on a project.

Cost: ZAR 2 695  Incl. Vat


The BIM eLearning Solution

Gain a detailed understanding of the key drivers, requirements and strategic alignment needed to deliver Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it allows you to achieve a faster, more efficient delivery of projects.

The process of BIM allows those who interact with it to optimize their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for their asset. This course provides the knowledge you need to understand the fundamental principles of BIM and its associated outcomes. You’ll focus on the context, key drivers and benefits that relate to implementing a BIM project.

Grasp the key management principles, themes and terminology of BIM and how to apply these within your organization, as well the drivers for success and return on investment (ROI). You’ll gain the relevant understanding and foundation to utilize BIM on your next project.

BIM Fundamentals 1

Module 1 – Introduction

1.01: Introduction

1.02: What is BIM and what does it mean?

1.03: BIM, CAD and Revit are all very different things!

Module 2 – BIM explained

2.01: Introduction

2.02: The Benefits of BIM

2.03: How and where do I buy BIM?

2.04: Industry Drivers

2.05: BIM or BIM?

2.06: Summary

2.07: Knowledge Check

Module 3 – BIM in action

3.01: Introduction

3.02: Level 1 – Is it CAD or BIM?

3.03: Level 2 – Siloed BIM

3.04: Level 3 – Collaborative BIM

3.05: Developing a project from Base template

3.06: Information Timeline – The MacLeamy Curve

3.07: Team and Workflow Changes

3.08: Implications and Fees and Deliverables

3.09: Legal Implications

3.10: Knowledge Check

3.11: Conclusion

Assessment Certificate

Assessment 1

BIM Fundamentals 2

Module 4 – Origins and history of BIM

  1. Introduction to BIM
  2. What is Digital 3D modelling
  3. How can BIM help you?
  4. What is BIM?
  5. Understanding BIM in context
  6. Best Practice for BIM in Construction
  7. BIM in an International context

Module 5  – BIM in Design

  1. How does BIM impact design
  2. How does BIM affect the process of designing built assets
  3. Three of the key challenges to overcome in BIM.
  4. The BIM Life Cycle
  5. The BIM Process Explained

Module 6 – Definitions and Objects

  1. Level of Definitions and Objects
  2. Working with a modelling object
  3. What is a BIM object?
  4. LOD Explained
  5. BIM Object localisation development in South Africa
  6. BIM Levels explained

Module 7 – Collaborative Working

  1. Collaborative Working in BIM
  2. What is collaborative working
  3. Common Data Environment(CDE)
  4. Using a CDE on a project
  5. Roles of a BIM manager
  6. BIM Dictionary A-Z

Assessment Certificate

Assessment 2

End of Course Assessment


You will be assessed through an online assessment.  Upon successful completion of the course delegates will receive a certificate of course completion confirming they have successfully attended and passed the BIM Fundamentals Online Course in Building Information Modelling.