While there is still much work to do in 2018, there will be many further challenges ahead, we start 2018 stronger and better able to serve our partners and the BIMosphere as a whole. There is of course ample evidence in 2018 that we are steaming forward on the course we set three years ago to help transform our digital industry (much of which is highlighted in the BIM Institute Blog.)

The BIM Institute recognises that the fastest medium to engage in dialogue with industry and public is through events, while also giving people the opportunity to learn about the latest building and construction methods, products, tools and information technologies appropriate for the African continent.

These are the events that make the industry so compelling and so useful to gain insight and knowledge in new and improved technology. A chance to chat, ask questions and engage with the issues of the day in a friendly, welcoming and open manner. The digital knowledge lounge has certainly become the centre of a buzzing lively debate within the show.

Upcoming Events 2018

African Construction Expo 2018

Date: 16 & 17 May 2018
Type of event: Expo
Time: 08:00 – 17:00
Venue: Gallagher estate – Midrand
Website: Click here
Costs: Visitors Free

The African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos caters for the entire African construction, cement and concrete industries. The audience includes architects, engineers, contractors, quantity surveyors, government representatives as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry. In 2018, we will have seven dedicated zones enabling you to make the most of your time at the show – featuring our well known exciting Digital Construction Zone.

Be sure to visit the following:

Hear from the experts in disruptive technologies that are changing the face of your industry, offering practical advice on how to adopt these tools & processes to stay ahead of the game.

The topics of discussion Day One 16 May 2018:

10: 00am – BIM Foundations

11: 00am –  Digital Information Exchange

13: 00 – Industry BIM Standards

14: 00 – Supply Chain Collaboration

15: 00 – New  Classification Systems for industry

The topics of discussion Day Two 17 May 2018:

10: 00 – Procurement

11: 00 – Setting a good industry Digital Foundation

12: 00 – Capital Delivery Transformation

14: 00 –  BIM Architect Competition Winners

A chance to hear about the lessons learnt from experts in their field utilising digital technologies – from Innovation to disruption : ‘Bridging the digital to physical divide’

The Tech Stage is a fun interactive app available to visitors to interact with panel speakers hosted by the BIM Institute. BIM Evangelist aka The Showman’ Vaughan Harris will provide a ‘brass tacks’ guide to BIM. The discussions will be focused around a series of quick fire discussions based on the ” BIM board’ game, covering the latest technologies and challenges  for the industry offering practical solutions for the day to day challenges you face with an extensive list of speakers from across the industry.

The first of its kind  the BIM Institute is issuing  the first South African BIM competition for architects, designers and students for proposals on the design of healthier living. The competitions are designed to seek innovative architects in South Africa to work closer with client developers that are wanting to explore BIM capabilities on their projects. This is the first competition of the series where we focus our attention on residential dwellings with emphasis on exploring people’s capacity to live healthier through the use of new and improved design technologies. BIM Architecture Competition 2018  will be show cased this year at the Digital Construction Zone.

Partnered Events