Vaughan HarrisVaughan Harris

Executive Director to the BIM Institute ,

As the co founder and executive director for the BIM Institute, and engine room behind it for the past two years, it has always been Harris’ vision to drive technological transformation in the industry, and support best practice in line with international BIM framework standards. In establishing the BIM institute, Harris draws on 27 years local and international experience in the construction industry, both in the public and private sectors. He is passionate about his mission to assist African construction stakeholders digitize the industry in a measured, tactical route, drawing on lessons from across the globe.

He is outspoken and unbiased in his opinions on all things BIM, from software to policy decisions, which makes him a popular speaker at conferences and in training sessions, both locally and internationally.

Lourens Henning

Director to the BIM Institute ,

With a background in architecture Lourens offers a wide range of unique BIM consultancy and support services, which include deploying BIM processes for companies who are evolving from traditional 2D processes to a far better and more sophisticated way of producing, managing and exchanging project information, in line with international BIM trends and standards.

Applying the right technologies to the industry allows cost and time saving on design, construction and maintenance cost, resulting in better projects.

He has recently joined the ranks of the BIM Institute where he puts shoulder to the wheel to influence a culture change of the South African an African construction industry.

Lourens had gained 13 valuable years in Ireland where he obtained BIM Level 2 experience. He is applying his experience and experience to the South African industry where BIM is fast gaining traction.



Christopher Allen

Director to the BIM Institute ,

Chris has been involved in various sectors of the construction industry since graduating with a Bachelor of Building Arts degree in 1994. Whilst working for a design and build company in the UK he became interested in using 3D models to better coordinate the construction process. As a result of this he became involved in the formation of Advanced 3D Technologies in 1999 leading to the development of virtual construction planning and coordination for the Construction Industry. Virtual construction planning involves the use of building information models (BIM) to create the construction programme producing a time linked visual of the construction process. Chris has since been involved in over 100 projects ranging from small office developments to the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe, as well as a number of stadiums and power stations, advising on project implementation, schedule analysis, creating bid models and carrying out pre-construction planning as well as being embedded in Construction and Project Management teams delivering these projects.