National BIM Guide

What is the national BIM guide?

The National BIM guide is based on the international best practice BIM Framework and is delivered through the BIM Institute web platform. All information and links provided is through the guidance development philosophy from Australian Natspec.

The National BIM  guide includes a growing BIM directory of service providers and professionals who all support and contribute towards a work in progress on the National BIM Guide for South Africa.

Who manages and develops the national BIM guide?

The National BIM guide is managed by the BIM Institute and is based on the guidance development philosophy of Australian Natspec.

The BIM Institute is driving dramatic improvements by developing the blueprints of the standards and requirements of the “Building Information Modelling initiative for Africa,” promoting software and digital processes and BIM standards to strengthening South Africa’s construction industry.

Using the BIM guide and its resources

This Guide is not intended as a one-size-fits-all document defining the use of BIM on all projects. This is not possible. The separate Project BIM Brief or BIM Execution Plan specifies project-specific requirements for using BIM on the project have been defined and before the project formally commences, the clauses of the Project BIM Guide are retained, amended or deleted in order to satisfy the requirements of the project are documented in the Project BIM Brief.

The Project BIM Brief records variations to the Project BIM Guide and must be read in conjunction with it and the Project Contract. (i.e NEC, FIDEC, JBCC.)

The National BIM Guide is a reference document to be read in conjunction with the Project BIM Brief and BIM Execution Plan which  outlines the particular requirements for each project. The Guide can also be used as a planning tool by consultants to clarify the services they propose to  provide when preparing tenders for projects.

Why you need to register for the BIM guide (free)

The National BIM Guide membership is free and has been designed to assist clients, consultants and contractors to clarify their BIM requirements in a collaborative consistent manner.
Our mission is to be the voice of Africa and cover all stages and functions of the construction cycle in technology. We work together to creatively counter the silo mentality that is the industry’s most significant obstacle.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to the National BIM Guide and all associated project templates.
  • Recieve BIM guide updates when they are published.
  • Access to BIM specifications for design, construction and operation for any BIM project.
  • Direct access to technology partners and recieve access to a step by step guide to Building Information Modelling.
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