We have invested in over 300+ hours of learning.
The numbers speak for themselves.

Exceptional BIM

At Exceptional BIM we combined our learning partners to bring you more than 300 hundred hours of cutting-edge technology learning and strategic BIM skills content.

We are providing you with a learning platform utilizing a  combination of pathways and modules that allow you as the learner to understand the fundamentals to develop the technical skills as well as the knowledge necessary to work within the software and leadership skills that are  desperately needed in  a Building Information Modelling environment.

In planning to add BIM into any learning environment may be very challenging for most universities or companies, it is essential to set out the immediate BIM goals and overall objectives for the learners without disrupting the current curriculum or way of working. The objective of Exceptional BIM is to provide knowledge of the subject-area, improved understanding, development of intellectual skills and changing attitudes. At any point a learner can start to add some software training depending on their skills or curriculum and ther by integrating BIM technologies into their working environment.

Through this movement, the foundation for technology  skills and BIM understanding  will drive a digital built environment next phase of development towards a better BIM implementation on projects. This also help individual and companies to get away from traditional industry explanations and complexed intellectual property rights policies that all to often hold us back from being innovative and exceptional.