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Clients seek to work with BIM competition winners

LIVING SPACES BIM DESIGN COMPETITION 2018 Imagine the perfect retirement home? Imagine the perfect commercial B&B living? How should homes offer a healthy lifestyle of living and be able to assist you with everyday lifestyle preferences in and around the house? Imagine this lifestyle in senior retirement? Where living spaces and lifestyle are no longer […]

Mace Group: “Pursuit of a better way”

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is trouncing hundreds of years of accepted norms within the built environment. The true revolution has started and Dylan Rishworth, who is heading up the BIM and Digital Strategy at Mace Management Services (Pty) Ltd, part of Mace Group gets it! Rishworth and the Mace team are true leaders of the […]

Build BIM on strong foundations

There are, for every business, basics that must be mastered as a foundation for success. How do you master the basics? The first step is to identify and understand the fundamentals of his/her business. Second, you must fully understand why and how each fundamental should be applied. The study of karate is incredibly rewarding. Training […]

Back to the drawing board? Hell no!

Dear Traditional Architect I regret to inform you that we no longer draw lines on the computer screen. The process of designing includes build a digital model with parametric components loaded with specification data and information. Pretty cool, no? Let me introduce you to the term BIM (Building Information Modelling.) It is, in fact, the […]

A BIM BAM BOOMing year

A BIM BAM BOOMing year As the end of another year is upon us, it is with a sense of fulfilment that we can look back on a year that has been our most challenging to date, but so also the most successful yet for the BIM Institute team and our digital construction mission. This […]

BIMming great leaders

Leadership is what is needed at this stage of the African BIM (Building Information Modelling) rollout. Leaders in every discipline, in every 3D modelled project, every day. These leaders are being equipped with the tools and information needed to not only win BIM compliant tenders, but run BIM projects and transition their companies into digital […]

BIM4Professionals – the new age for professionals is here

Think BIM! For those who had the opportunity to attend last week’s Autodesk University (AU2017) in Cape Town, got a taste of why Building Information Modelling (BIM)  is currently the biggest market player in the design and construction industry; and is shaping and driving the next generation of digital construction technology that is already changing […]

Think outside the BIM box

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the new backbone to digitised construction. BIM increases productivity and improves the quality of work across the construction ecosystem from design, through construction and into operation. Although BIM is gradually integrating into contracts and processes, South African uptake and confidence among contractors remains low. This can be attributed to a […]

A walk in the Park Square

THE BIM Institute spoke to Adhir Imrith from Arup on the use of BIM in the delivery of the Park Square development located in Umhlanga New Town Centre, North of Durban. The 85,000m2 development, comprising of commercial office space, a retail component at street level and basement parking, is being developed by Nedport Developments (Pty) […]

Conference explores geotech business benefits with BIM

SA GeoTech 2017, a geospatial business conference, brought the geospatial and related industries together in Gauteng for three days to discuss and demonstrate geospatial and measurement technologies, their business benefits and applications. The conference, which took place from 25 to 27 July 2017, also provided insight into current geotech trends and deployment strategies. Hosted by […]

Post Event Report- Digital Construction Expo 2017

by Jenni McCann “The great growling engine of change. Technology.” Alvin Toffler. Technology, and the change it brings to the construction industry, was the buzzword at this year’s Digital Construction Expo (co-located at the annual Totally Concrete and African Construction Expo.) And what an expo it was, with the support from its main sponsors ( […]

Collabra Cadabra

How collaborative is your project? While searching for collaborative solutions available locally  for the South African built environment, the BIM Institute met up with Jaco Barnard, from Agile Business Technology, in Stellenbosch to understand more about Viewpoint for Projects™ platform. This solution is a suite of applications that can be configured to overcome the industry […]

Part 2 – Captains of BIM in South Africa

BIM Champion is a buzzword that is increasingly heard amongst the company’s in South Africa and my research indicates that this may be because more companies are starting to engage with BIM projects. But who are the BIM Champions and why are they needed? A BIM Champion is the person who has the technical skills, theoretical knowledge and the […]

Captains of BIM in South Africa

A recent article in this month’s Concrete Trends magazine captured the insights of five captains of BIM in our industry. Although ten interviews were conducted with various industry champions, the magazine was limited to publish only five of the ten, in no particular order. We can all agree that there are far more than just […]

BIM is a Boom for Junk Status

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies are, at their core all about collaboration and transparency, something our very own ANC government completely lacks. The adoption of any BIM mandate through our national government is not something our built environment will being embracing anytime soon. If we as a country want to succeed and unlock new, more […]

Putting the BOOM BAM into BIM

Article by: By Kelly-Ann Prinsloo (The Civil Engineering Contractor April 2017 publication) With recent advances in technology on offer for built environment professionals, The Civil Engineering Contractor spoke to Vaughan Harris, executive director at the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Institute, to ask if building information modelling enables engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors to work on […]

Eye on the Maine chance

BIM has great benefits for early stage designs. Visualising a project in 3D is not a new concept in architecture, but software allows us to analyse our buildings during design stages to give clients the most effective buildings. BIM allows clients to get involved in the project’s decision making and communicates the design intent, not […]