BIM Institute Competitions 2018

We are delighted to have run three series of  BIM  Competition this year. This is the most comprehensive gathering of architectural and estimating experts we have seen in South Africa. These BIM competitions expects you to demonstrate. From leveraging historical data and working with models, to keeping costs in sync with design iterations, the Living Spaces Competition 2018 revealed how to adopt the latest tools and classifications in an estimating environment.

The truth is that the skills needed in today’s construction marketplace are dramatically different to even a few years ago. Tenders are won and lost in record time. The old days of tweaking the last tender to suite the next one is over – and a dangerous game to play. Time is the scarcest resource of them all, and in this transformative era, precision and attention to detail are the name of the game. Mistakes cost.

The success of any BIM enabled project delivery process is highly dependent upon the level at which the entire Design / Construction Team can collaboratively produce and manage information for the duration of the project.

“People are competitive … very … and the same people we have spoken to for various surveys who have talked the talk, suddenly find it really hard to walk the walk. It’s fascinating.”

Benefits of entering

Not to mention the amazing prizes that are up for grabs, these competitions allows you the time and space to explore the latest software tools available to you in a non-threatening but structured, outcomes-based environment. It’s about learning, testing and exploring these tools and processes and uncovering new applications of each.