BIM Conference – Are there Rules of Engagement?

“It’s a new decade for us all and you, my colleague in the construction food chain, should be looking to your future in this industry and asking what the next 10 years or so holds for you. Depending on your expertise, your future may look increasingly shaky – and if you aren’t concerned, you should be. You probably entered the world of construction expecting to work hard, do your job well and work your way up the career ladder while watching your salary jump with every skill you master along the way. Wasn’t that how it worked for our fathers and grandfathers? The fact is that as little as 10 years ago this was the case, certainly in Africa.” says Vaughan Harris

Harris goes onto to say, “However, the difference between qualifications and experience is ever more stark. Our rookie colleagues who have recently graduated and joined our workforce are qualified for jobs that never existed “back in the day.” Our most experienced hands in the field are looking out at a future that they don’t even recognise, experienced in jobs that have fundamentally changed through automation, digitisation and globalisation. Never before have the new and established been more polarised, and neither will be best served by audaciously claiming that they hold the key to the future. We simply cannot afford to lose the rich experience of our older colleagues or ignore the exciting, streamlined tools of the future that our next generation of builders and designers and engineers and contractors bring.”

European futurist (now there’s someone who defined his own job) Gerd Leonard says, ”We live in a world where everything is connected. Where everything is equally excellent, where performance is reaching perfection. You right now are in the central point in a raging change fueled by technology. The way we work will never be the same, the skills we need will be dramatically different. Are you driving change? Or are you being driven by it?”

BIM Conference 2020 – South Africa

This year’s fifth Annual BIM conference has set the stage by bringing us some of the top speakers and experts from around the world. This event is not to be missed, no matter what profession you are, we can agree that we are facing a new industrial age. Industry 4.0 is introducing technologically advanced methods through the development of digital innovation which will change how projects are implemented from design right through to the maintenance and use of the structures.

It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres, especially within our construction industry.

The various fundamental procedures in the digital BIM sequence of work combine to show up potential problems or undesirable outcomes during the initial stages of the concept and can provide a variety of efficient solutions, the cost benefits of which are unsurpassed. Digital data plays a key role in these processes. How this will impact projects in Africa is a key question that must be answered as innovative solutions are being developed at a fast rate internationally and there is pressure to become more efficient. Virtual reality and AI are dominating the BIM space and there is a need to become and remain, up to date on the local and international best practice within the industry.

Attendees at this event engage in how BIM can be successfully rolled out.
The 5th BIM Africa Conference 2020 is the best event for Africa to catch up on success stories, network and engage in pertinent discussions

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