The BIM Institute recognises that the fastest medium to engage in dialogue with industry and public is through events, while also giving people the opportunity to learn about the latest building and construction methods, products, tools and information technologies appropriate for the African continent.

These are the events that make the industry so compelling and so useful to gain insight and knowledge in new and improved technology. A chance to chat, ask questions and engage with the issues of the day in a friendly, welcoming and open manner. The digital knowledge lounge has certainly become the centre of a buzzing lively debate within the show.

Upcoming Events 2020

BIM Conference – Johannesburg

Date: 11 – 13 March 2020
Type of event: Conference
Time: 08:00 – 17:00


Contact :Wanda Phiri <wanda@millasa.co.za></wanda@millasa.co.za>

“It’s a new decade for us all and you, my colleague in the construction food chain, should be looking to your future in this industry and asking what the next 10 years or so holds for you. Depending on your expertise, your future may look increasingly shaky – and if you aren’t concerned, you should be. You probably entered the world of construction expecting to work hard, do your job well and work your way up the career ladder while watching your salary jump with every skill you master along the way. Wasn’t that how it worked for our fathers and grandfathers? The fact is that as little as 10 years ago this was the case, certainly in Africa.” says Vaughan Harris

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