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THE first step towards a successful transition to BIM is to get all staff on board with the planned changes. If a member of the team is not enthusiastic about the implementation, the chances of success are greatly reduced as the easy option will always be to go back to the old way of doing things and abandon the implementation process when the going gets tough.

All levels of staff from high-level management to non-technical support staff must be engaged. The team must fully understand the why the organisation is making the transition to BIM and some difficulties they are likely to initially experience.

Join us in this exciting one-day masterclass workshop where we give you the opportunity to understand the skills you need to leapfrog your BIM leadership within your organisation.

Not all employees will agree with the transition to BIM, trusting that the current way of working is much more efficient. Allay these concerns before progressing, to minimise disruptions when inevitable difficulties arise.

“BIM is a collaborative approach and may be a leap from the way documentation is currently handled within your organisation. Its implementation includes new ways of working, new skill sets, standards, practices and procedures.” Says  Harris

This one day workshop will help you with the skills and journey as we lead into one of the most transformational times in human history.

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  • One Day Master Class 5th  March 2019 – – Johannesburg
  • One Day Master Class 27h  March 2019 –  – Cape Town

There are only a few delegate seats available. The cost is R4800.00 This is an internationally accredited course.

NEW COURSES for 2019: We are now also offering an certified BIM Trainers online course, the cost is R8000.00. Perfect for those team-leaders or training professionals wanting to train their teams or generate their own revenue streams . Simply attend the BIM4Professionals one day master class as a pre-requisite and you are half way to becoming a certified BIM trainer registered with the BIM Academy Africa. ( Click here for more detail)



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