BIM Institute- Going beyond borders with BIM

A new driving force behind BIM in Africa is being formed

The BIM Institute has celebrated 4 years of driving BIM in the South African built environment, and now we’re looking to going beyond its borders.

The Africa continent is rapidly changing around us. Population growth, urbanisation, climate change, and the digital revolution are profoundly impacting our profession across Africa.

If you, or someone you know, have the governance experience, knowledge and commitment needed to help lead BIM into Africa, please nominate yourself or put someone forward.

The African BIM Task Group will be the new driving force in helping us define BIM guidance, processes, and methodology in Africa. The task group alliance is to be managed under the BIM Institute as a voluntary task group.

For the built environment the African BIM Task members will have the primary roles of:

  1. Promoting the guidelines of BIM within their country, by both actively promoting its use within the industry and addressing the challenges preventing us from adopting a digital way of working
  2. Identifying initiatives that improve productivity, safety, and building quality
  3. Providing governance for any initiatives or projects where BIM may be implemented
  4. Providing a conduit between Industry and owner-operators in relation to the use of BIM guidelines and standards within the continent
  5. Monitor and participate in the active use of BIM in social media.

Who we looking for:

Building Information Modelling requires People, Processes and Technology insight. We believe that inclusion and diversity are critical to the success of BIM in Africa and to the success of the industry and its development. Globally, research consistently shows that more diverse, inclusive and balanced teams also perform better. As a member of the voluntary BIM TaskGroup, you can expect that your differences will be valued while simultaneously feeling a part of our team that is contributing to the success of the digital transformation process in Africa.

We have learned that transformation depends on the innovation and power that comes from a driving body which embodies and truly values lateral thinking.

We are looking in particular for voluntary members who can:

  • Recognise the potential of Building Information Modelling and who have the time, energy, ambition, enthusiasm and determination to help move BIM forward in Africa.
  • Understanding of corporate governance, in particular, the guidance to change within their countries building standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and experience of setting a BIM strategy with demonstrable positive outcomes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to monitor, review and where necessary challenge progress towards achieving a BIM strategy within their country.
  • Bring deep insight from their own industry experience and have the ability to apply that insight for others to learn from.

What is the nomination process?

To ensure that we select the right team, we are looking for the best-equipped members of the profession, governing councils, agency and university representatives from different African countries. The process of evaluating candidates’ will be based on their commitment to make a change and how they represent themselves at events while having social media representation.

Being an African BIM Ambassador can help your professional development by giving you the opportunity to be part of the digital transformation which sets the long-term direction for transforming Africa’s way of design and constructing and helping us shape the future of the BIM in Africa.

The task force members will be drawn from across the  African industry and will give their expertise and time freely to the BIM Institute.

If you have what it takes please submit your application with your details including a brief of your industry Skills, Knowledge, and Experience and why we should select you as a Task Group member. ( All applications submitted will be kept confidential)

Closing date for applications:  30 September 2019 (Terms & Conditions may apply)