Building BIM Better

A new driving force behind BIM in South Africa is being formed

The BIM Task Committee (BTC)  will be the new driving force in helping us define BIM guidance, processes, and methodology in South Africa. The task group alliance is to be managed under the BIM Institute as a voluntary task group.

For the built environment the BIM Task Committee  will have the primary roles of:

  1. Promoting the guidelines of BIM, by both actively promoting its use within the industry and addressing the challenges preventing us from adopting a digital way of working
  2. Identifying initiatives that improve productivity, safety, and building quality
  3. Providing governance for any initiatives or projects where BIM may be implemented
  4. Providing a conduit between Industry and Government in relation to the use of BIM standards
  5. Monitor and support the use of BIM across various disciplines in our sector

The BIM Institute is in the process of developing a BIM Task Committee through certain invites only, to which professionals can apply to join the committee, which will be reviewed and accessed.

The task members will be drawn from across the building and construction industry and will give their expertise and time freely.