BIM Leadership Course

Finally, here’s the all-in-one One Day BIM course for BIM leadership. This intensive workshop specifically designed to give BIM Managers, company staff, non-designers and directors the A-Z of BIM without the software involved. BIM is not software….its a process!

While getting to grips with understanding the models, processes and delivery methods required to make a true and lasting impact with their BIM careers.

Great BIM leaders recognise the important needs of every ‘classroom style’ training. The message must speak to their needs, and develop an easy approach and understanding that facilitates learning with a bigger picture in mind – and so will you.

On this workshop you will discover:

  1. The essential ingredients for Building Information Modelling readiness and assist you with your professional engagement.
  2. What to say in the critical first few minutes when addressing BIM to newbies and clients to get them fully engaged.
  3. How to map out the misunderstanding of BIM and where software fits into the whole life cycle.
  4. The critical issue – what are the international BIM standards and what is ISO 19650.

This one day workshop is the ideal platform to help understand the ins and outs of how to motivate your company or staff and what first steps you need towards a successful transition to BIM. How can you get all staff on board with the planned changes? If a member of the team is not enthusiastic about the implementation, the chances of success are greatly reduced as the easy option will always be to go back to the old way of doing things and abandon the implementation process when the going gets tough.