Reconsidering Resilience and Infrastructure

Posted by Lola Dabota Omo-Ikerodah on 24-02-2021 Source: In 2019, Jo da Silva, Director of International Development at Arup, noted that looking at resilience within and between critical infrastructure sectors had yet to become widespread. Jump forward, as we work our way through the uncertainty of the pandemic, resilience has now become a prominent theme and […]

Could the solution to enhance collaboration in construction lie in contracting?

Posted by Lola Dabota Omo-Ikerodah on 17-02-2021 Source: For an industry where the successful delivery of a project is dependent on the seamless interplay of multiple stakeholders across sectors, genuine and sustained collaboration seems to elude the AEC sector. Key delivery partners across the value chain often have misaligned or even conflicting goals relating to the […]

Upgrading Concrete: Three Advanced Building Materials

Posted by Lola Dabota Omo-Ikerodah on 02-02-2021 Source: The way we use buildings and the materials we use to make them are responsible for nearly 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. Advanced Building Materials present an opportunity to, as commonly quoted, “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their […]

Rule 12 – Train them to bring you answers not problems []

Powered by:… Rule 12 Notes:… Failure is not an option and without a doubt this industry is just as extreme in its own way and there is no reason why you as an individual cannot be exceptional in what you do. We have almost reached half way through our 28 Rules of Engagement […]

Rule 11 – Respect Digital Differences []… It’s critical to pay attention to all of this. Don’t assume that now that you the digital leader you free to roam the corridors and align your teams with the best and greatest systems out there. Build relationships with key stakeholders, and look out for potential landmines, they are usually just outside the […]

Rule 10 – Ensure the teams know what is expected of them []

Powered by: Marzia LinkedIn:… Mace Group: BIM learning: It’s easy to give someone a new job description and expect them to get on with it. It can also lead to a lot of agitated people on the project and wasted time. The best practice is to interact with them personally right from […]

Rule 9- Hire Raw Talent [BIM Rules of Engagement]

Powered by:…… Stephen is the Head of Architecture and Design at Macdonald & Company and knows all about what it means to hire raw talent he is well known across the globe for founding the Architecture Social community group which is a must for anyone wanting to make an impact on the Architecture […]

Rule 8 – Growing a team without ‘Titles or Identities’ [BIM Rules of Engagement]

  Powered by: Full course visit:… Imagine having a project team without formal titles? Allowing each person to take on multiple roles and levels of responsibility within the project; an open-project environment, where tasks are tackled on as teams not by a discipline.  So how do we minimise this entitlement-attitude and stop staff or […]

Rule 7 – Digital Discussions [BIM Rules of Engagement]

Powered by: Mentor: Paul Wilkinson…… Inevitably project meetings will have to take place around a table but remember that almost everybody attending will receive the agenda or meeting minutes. If your objective is to impart information, then do it online and digitally. A Common data environment such as Asite, will track the audit […]

Rule 6 – Rock n’ Roll as a BIM leader [BIM Rules of Engagement]

  Powered by… Imagine replacing each team member with a machine. With Industry 4.0 rolling on, this may not be a stretch in the future. Imagine a team member robotically, efficiently and with laser focus did their job, performing their function. How would your strategy with design, estimating or construction change? What […]