BIM in South Africa 2019 Global report

  In January 2014 NATSPEC issued the first version of a report summarising the status of BIM education in a number of countries across the globe. The report has been updated and reissued each year since, with this report being version 6.0 of what is now an annual update to the original report. Each year […]

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Let’s get FUNDAMENTAL about BIM!

This once-off unique offer is for ONLY R995.00 ….a R1000.00 saving!! Offer valid until the 30th of April 2019. To the FUTURE LEADERS IN CONSTRUCTION…yes….that’s YOU! Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a PROCESS, not software. If you want to REALLY UNDERSTAND BIM, the BIM Academy Africa, the training partner to the BIM Institute, have a […]


BEP – for adults only

  No excuses BIM Execution Plan is a buzzword that is increasingly heard amongst the architectural companies  in South Africa and my research indicates that this may be because more companies are starting to engage with BIM projects. But who are the BIM Champions that are driving these processes? A BIM Champion is the person who […]

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BIM Leadership Course

Finally, here’s the all-in-one One Day BIM course for BIM leadership. This intensive workshop specifically designed to give BIM Managers, company staff, non-designers and directors the A-Z of BIM without the software involved. BIM is not software….its a process! While getting to grips with understanding the models, processes and delivery methods required to make a true […]


Its your move

There is no universally accepted definition of BIM yet, the unavoidable truth is that Africa will never join any of the earlier adopters or have the resources to accomplish the huge amount of infrastructure development that Africa needs. Unless we all work together and produce a new way of working on our continent. Some of […]


NavBIM Breaking African Grounds

Africa’s Google for BIM This is an exciting time for the African construction sector, as it moves into its own era of digital construction and unlocks the efficiencies of digital construction and information management not only during the design stages of projects, but throughout the construction and operational stages too. The key to unlocking this […]

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Reshaping East Africa Construction Sector

Reshaping East Africa Construction Sector with Digital Transformation East Africa is witnessing a construction boom supported by Government aides and increased foreign investments. With digital construction tools and systems such as BIM being adopted at a robust speed in the global construction market, developers in the East African region are now wanting to explore into […]

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Show and tell- the winners!

Beyond the call of duty – The 5D BIM Estimating Competition 2018 winners “15 seconds! That all it took to do a complete measure off the model,” 5D BIM competitor. [See for yourself] The BIM Institute has run several competitions this year. “It’s time to put up or shut up!” says Vaughan Harris, Baron of […]

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