Cost Management

 The set of circumstances that prevail when considering the Construction process necessitates the use of unique software solutions. Not only is the process different from any other industry, but is bound by the use of contractual documents that, in themselves, are variable. Drawings, specifications, terms and conditions as well as Bills of Quantity are produced […]

Welcome to the BIM Institute

Welcome to the BIM Institute

BIM Survey

Only 6 days left!  The National BIM survey will help us address the ongoing BIM initiative required in South Africa’s public and private sector. Our survey will assist us in procuring our education on BIM for South Africa and help define the protocols and standards required. Help us, by answering a few simple questions.  Survey […]

2017 – exciting as it seems, also comes packed with its share of surprises.

2017 — exciting as it seems, also comes packed with its share of surprises. — More often than not, brace yourself to expect the unexpected. 2016 will certainly be a year many of us would like to forget but let’s remember the lessons that 2016 taught us, and get started to explore the opportunities 2017 […]

Thumbs up to listing accredited companies

If you not already feeling “bim bamboozled” now is a good time to start. The BIM Institute reported great feedback from its attendance at 12 events last year in addition to the independent workshops it held in 2016. Knowledge sharing, networking and consulting were the main highlight responses. By the end of 2016 many of […]