Rule 02 – Candid Communication

  Powered by: Visit: We continue to discuss the topic of BIM being an important enabling tool in a wider Built environment Strategy. But before we discuss BIM any further, we need to discuss this concept of collaboration which is formal candid communication and is supposed to provide the information foundation for the work […]

🎙️Rule01: Keeping the team abreast of BIM [BIM Rules of Engagement]

Visit: The first rule of BIM engagement. Keeping the team abreast of BIM.A BIM team is foremost a group where all the members focus on a collective target, stronger because everyone comes from different disciplines with divergent levels of experience. This team is going to battle if everyone is focused on their own targets […]

BIM Rules of Engagement Introduction

 These rules of engagement are absolutely essential skill sets, because when you are a leader, difficult conversations is one of the things you have to have. We call you digital leaders, not because you have rank of a Manager, we call you leaders, not because you are at the expert in the of technology […]

Let us not forget 2020, but also remember your values

To all our members, 2020 is a year we can never forget. For both good and bad, I believe also believe that as individuals we have not only become more independent in our ways of working but also become more dependant on each other. This faceless enemy has taught us about values that we all […]

BIM Institute under new leadership

Cape Town, South Africa, Release: July 17, 2020. For Immediate Release Gregory Mofokeng appointed president of the BIM Institute; the founder, Vaughan Harris steps down as president. The BIM Institute today announced that its board of directors has appointed Gregory Mofokeng as president. In addition, Gregory Mofokeng has also been appointed as a part of […]

BIM Conference – Are there Rules of Engagement?

“It’s a new decade for us all and you, my colleague in the construction food chain, should be looking to your future in this industry and asking what the next 10 years or so holds for you. Depending on your expertise, your future may look increasingly shaky – and if you aren’t concerned, you should […]

An open message to Africa’s digital built environment

“I was inspired by a video I watched by US Air Force General for his powerful rebuke against ignorance You may have heard of the concept of digital construction or even Industry 4.0, which is based on four principles: interconnection, decentralised decision making, information transparency, and digital assistants. Traditional, hierarchical and centralised project delivery methods […]

BIM in South Africa 2019 Global report

  In January 2014 NATSPEC issued the first version of a report summarising the status of BIM education in a number of countries across the globe. The report has been updated and reissued each year since, with this report being version 6.0 of what is now an annual update to the original report. Each year […]

Let’s get FUNDAMENTAL about BIM!

This once-off unique offer is for ONLY R995.00 ….a R1000.00 saving!! Offer valid until the 30th of April 2019. To the FUTURE LEADERS IN CONSTRUCTION…yes….that’s YOU! Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a PROCESS, not software. If you want to REALLY UNDERSTAND BIM, the BIM Academy Africa, the training partner to the BIM Institute, have a […]

BEP – for adults only

  No excuses BIM Execution Plan is a buzzword that is increasingly heard amongst the architectural companies  in South Africa and my research indicates that this may be because more companies are starting to engage with BIM projects. But who are the BIM Champions that are driving these processes? A BIM Champion is the person who […]