Its your move

There is no universally accepted definition of BIM yet, the unavoidable truth is that Africa will never join any of the earlier adopters or have the resources to accomplish the huge amount of infrastructure development that Africa needs. Unless we all work together and produce a new way of working on our continent. Some of […]

NavBIM Breaking African Grounds

Africa’s Google for BIM This is an exciting time for the African construction sector, as it moves into its own era of digital construction and unlocks the efficiencies of digital construction and information management not only during the design stages of projects, but throughout the construction and operational stages too. The key to unlocking this […]

Reshaping East Africa Construction Sector

Reshaping East Africa Construction Sector with Digital Transformation East Africa is witnessing a construction boom supported by Government aides and increased foreign investments. With digital construction tools and systems such as BIM being adopted at a robust speed in the global construction market, developers in the East African region are now wanting to explore into […]

Show and tell- the winners!

Beyond the call of duty – The 5D BIM Estimating Competition 2018 winners “15 seconds! That all it took to do a complete measure off the model,” 5D BIM competitor. [See for yourself] The BIM Institute has run several competitions this year. “It’s time to put up or shut up!” says Vaughan Harris, Baron of […]

Quantity Surveying- Going beyond the call of duty

Quantity Surveying as a profession has made a significant and definitive contribution to the construction sector for around 150 years. Even so, the future role of quantity surveyors has been questioned following the recent explosion and success of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and its constant technological advances. Many quantity surveyors and estimators have become increasingly […]

Mythbusting the classification in 5D BIM for Architects

Although estimating and planning software support a variety of file formats that can be applied to most projects, these design data file formats vary, each inherently providing different levels of data richness and functionality. An Estimator or Quantity Surveyor can leverage better data and draw intelligence in a way that can dramatically improve estimating and […]

PAS 1192 series of standards to international standards

As mentioned in the most our BIM4 Series courses through BIM Academy Africa, it has finally been officially announced that the UK (BSI) will transition to ISO19650 parts 1 and 2 this year and parts 3 and 5 in 2020. This is good news for us in looking at BIM as  an international standard, as […]

It’s a Game of Thrones at the Digital Construction Zone

It’s a Game of Thrones at the Digital Construction Zone ———————— Did you know? King Price Insurance is the first insurance company in South Africa to implement Insurance Information modelling policies into its statement of work for clients’ insurance. ———————— “Standing amongst the pulsing crowds [at the Digital Construction Zone at the 2018 African Construction […]

Africa’s Plan to Accelerate BIM Adoption

We have already witnessed the global digitalization and the potential it has to change our local situation. We have seen the likes of connected sensors, intelligent construction equipment, mobile devices and software applications already boost productivity, manage complexity, reduce project delays and cost overruns, and enhance safety and quality. Yet our lag time behind first […]


Living Spaces BIM Competition 2018 is Live! The BIM Institute is issuing the two first South African BIM competitions for architects, designers and students for proposals on the design of healthier living. The competitions are designed to seek innovative architects in South Africa to work closer with client developers that are wanting to explore BIM […]