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Imagine the perfect retirement home? Imagine the perfect commercial B&B living?

How should homes offer a healthy lifestyle of living and be able to assist you with everyday lifestyle preferences in and around the house? Imagine this lifestyle in senior retirement? Where living spaces and lifestyle are no longer a preference but a necessity. Get inspired and stand the chance of working with our clients in finding the perfect  lifestyle development projects.

Competition closes in:

SA’s first BIM Competition 2018

The BIM Institute is issuing its first South African BIM competition for architects, designers and students for proposals on the design of healthier living. The two competitions are designed to seek individuals and medium sized architect firms in South Africa to work closer with client developers that are wanting to explore BIM capabailties on their projects. This is the first competition of the series where we focus our attention on residential dwellings with emphasis on exploring people’s capacity to live healthier through the use of new and improved design technologies.

Our clients are seeking to work closer with individuals and organizations in a range of project disciplines who are looking to improving their business models and seek new operation focus through better digital tools and techniques. Take this opportunity to become part of the BIM revolution and show your Building Information Modelling skills.”
Vaughan Harris| Executive Director for the BIM Institute


At its most fundamental level, Building Information Modelling is focused on designing a 3D Model using components or elements that have one or two action functions, with an option to add material layers where required in order to work off with brief sizes and as well adding all Parameters, i.e. Model ,Manufacturer,Technical Specifications, Cost, Assembly Codes and URLs.

The BIM elements also define requirements for the information, geometry, behaviour and presentation of building objects and give a reassurance of quality and consistency that facilitates greater collaboration across the construction industry. This enables quick, confident and informed decision-making.

Competition Concept

The concept of the design competition is to allow the designer to step up their BIM game and use their Innovation and Inventiveness while showcasing the designer’s sensitivity to the ecology, sustainabilty and healthier living.

Design criteria will be made available once the competition starts.

Starts date: 10 April 2018

Deadline: 10 May 2018

Competition Details


Competition Judges

Prizes and Recoginition

We have decided to award the first competition winners with very attractive prizes ranging from design software to hardware, as we want to compensate and motivate architects who make an effort and invest in BIM. Not only will the top finalists and winners get publicity and branding recognition, but stand a chance to possibly engage with prospective clients. The winning models chosen on the 17 May 2018 will be entered into the BIM Estimators competition in August 2018 in partnership with ASAQS in search for SA’s BIM Estimating champions. BIM also provides many benefits to estimators, including visualization, faster takeoff, and collaboration.

Discover the estimating rewards of working with models.

The prizing giving for the Living Spaces BIM Design Competition 2018 will be held at the African Construction Expo Totally Concrete Expo on 17 May 2018, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand. The top final entrees selected by the judges will be on display in the Digital Construction Zone.

Time to take BIM and estimating to the next level in Africa.

Competition Entry is FREE. Visit www.biminstitute.org.za for more information.

Competition closes in:



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