Exceptional BIM Management’s success is measured by the motivation, focus, skills and success of their entire team. This presents a challenge with a wild card in the equation that many new digital managers have never before had to deal with: the people versus the technology factor. Digital leaders in the AEC industry must inspire and equip diverse groups of people on a project with differing technological needs, skills, opinions and experience levels to go out and do what the BIM manager needs to do. Exceptional BIM Management course presents a contemporary perspective of the theoretical scope and practical skills required to co-ordinate and manage people on different types of project delivery methods.


Tremendous growth in the international skills pool has created opportunities for individuals to engage on projects across the international frontiers. With increasing complexities and demands for higher skills education and productivity, an effective management of construction resources must be integrated with international learning partners. The exceptional BIM management course is designed to enable students and working professionals to expand their skills internationally with the accreditation and competencies required in multiple countries. In an alliance with global organisations, the Exceptional BIM Management course has established assessment tools and processes that assure certification and acknowledgement by international companies and accrediting bodies.


A blended online syllabus combining the best of the web and technology. This exclusive programme is an online-based, modular curriculum which is available to any university academic or learner, which takes you away from the traditional classroom style of learning to self-pace electronic learning. All the modules in the programme are delivered in stackable modules and can be written individually in the learner’s own time. By adding our BIM leader board program linked to your learning overall goals, you can keep up with the industry skill requirements and stay engaged with other learners that shine in their particular areas of expertise in BIM.