A first for Africa

Africa_Image_blogIn partnership with the BIM Institute, Hypenica is set to bring yet another first to the construction event arena: the Construction Software & IT Summit & Expo.

Simply put, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the collection of all building data organised into a structured database that is easy to query both visually and numerically. But BIM is all of that and so much more…

Ranging from feasibility analysis of a development to maintenance or demolition, BIM covers the entire leading and managing architecture and engineering process, including estimating and planning. This new process in technology is already revolutionising the way new construction projects are being designed, and how existing building projects are being tackled.

The inaugural Construction Software & IT Summit & Expo, a strategy-focused summit, aims to foster industry dialogue and peer collaboration through insightful keynote presentations and interactive executive discussions.

A note from the Executive Director of the BIM Institute

A successful construction industry is essential to us all and now is the time for us to rethink our quality control systems for us all to benefit from high quality information technology that is constructed and developed efficiently for a construction environment to thrive. At its worst the South African construction industry displays poor standards and a lack of sustainable development, but there is no doubt that substantial improvements in quality and efficiency are possible.

The BIM Institute aims to see these dramatic improvements come to life by helping deliver the standards and requirements of the Building Information Modelling Strategy for Africa and promote the software and IT processes and standards required to strengthen South Africa’s construction industry. A large part of this directive to improve the industry and connect key players is to host the Construction Software & IT Summit & Expo.

Covering a broad range of construction aspects, from BIM, cost management, document management and procurement, as well as challenging the processes that represent the status quo for the African construction industry, the Construction Software & IT Summit & Expo promises to be the major annual networking event for construction software and IT professionals, that informs, connects and boosts this complex industry and its dedicated players.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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