It’s going to get technical. Are you ready?

cce-side-bannerThe BIM Institute came into task in May 2015 as an independent body to enable technical experts to discuss digital construction solutions that can be adopted by professionals working within the construction sector. The initial task of the BIM Institute was to promote the SA BIM Protocol through its various partners and steering committee members.
The portfolio very quickly evolved with the investment from industry software vendors and other professionals to help support the BIM initiative for Africa.

The success of the BIM conference in March and the Construction IT Expo in May saw global organizations  such as AECOM, ARUP and  Turner Townsend financially supporting the BIM Institute.  Our key objective now is to have the industry support us in driving best practice, as we believe that this mission is best achieved through events and media. Together, these environments create a dialogue for companies to engage in partnerships and support initiatives such as the SA BIM Protocol which will directly or indirectly affect the entire industry some way or another in the not-so distant future.
The SA BIM Protocol is aimed at all professionals, who are working with, or are looking to work with Building Information Modelling in a consistent and coordinated approach. In and of itself, the (SA) BIM Protocol is not a standard; it is, for want of a better description, an implementation guide to deploying official South African processes in a BIM scenario.
The BIM Institute is in an ideal position as a non-biased entity to create partnerships and together explore solutions to ‘optimise the effectiveness of digital technologies’ in unity with our international partners, Canadian BIM Council (CanBIM) and AEC (UK).
A key tenet to the BIM Institute is promoting partners, software vendors and professionals, which will hopefully assist in introducing sustainable change and direct knowledge exchange.
The participation of universities and institutions can also help us grow graduates and professionals in digital construction skills, paving the way for all to have a role in creating a digital construction path for the country and continent.
With that, I welcome you to attend the Cape Construction Expo on the 11 – 12 August at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Over the two days we will be presenting the latest advances in construction software to visitors where they can interact with industry experts, plus source the latest and most innovative technology software and processes.

Totally Concrete Expo 2016-28Digital Knowledge Lounge will be open area, free to all visitors to listen to experts engage and discuss informal discussions over the two full days with the a panel of industry experts.Grab a coffee and listening to topics of discussion ranging from building information modelling to various other digital technology solutions for Africa’s construction industry while you make your way around the expo floor and network with exhibitors.



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