Digital transformation is beginning to influence real estate

design-mission-image4In the past twelve months we have seen a vast interest in Africa’s digital built environment and how digital transformation is now beginning to influence IT investments in construction businesses throughout Africa. It cannot be highlighted enough that there is a massive opportunity for construction to raise its game through digitisation. Although most construction companies throughout South Africa are lagging behind other industries in terms of its digital transformation, there are many buy and supply chain companies who have embraced new technology and are bridging the platform to facilitate business in particular industries.

The BIM Institute intends taking the next steps in defining advanced standards, creating new commercial models and identifying technologies to transform our approach to social infrastructure development and construction. The BIM Institute are proud to be the exclusive knowledge partner at this year’s 16th Edition Design Mission Africa in Johannesburg.
ide-advisory-speakersThe organisation, IDE Consulting Services, is an international brand that has recently entered Africa, with the purpose of generating business and investment in Africa through table top summits.

The organisation serves as a bridging platform to facilitate business in particular industries. In Africa, we do have the skills, materials and institutions available, but sourcing these required skills and organisations is the cause of many stumbling blocks.

IDE, through its annual summits inserts itself into an industry, bringing with it quality suppliers with accredited skills and renowned materials. These summits are invitation only, and through table-top meetings as well as brainstormed networking opportunities; the summits serve as a business generator and boost in the industry.

Currently, IDE hosts summits throughout the world, in India, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

IDE is currently working to boost the following industries in South Africa: real estate, investment, health and renewable energy  and identifying technologies to transform construction into a digital built environment.

This November, IDE will be hosting the 16th Edition Design Mission Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. Design Mission Africa is focused specifically on establishing a smooth pathway for the stakeholders of the real estate and development industry, in both the private and public sector.

Throughout Africa, there are over 600 real estate projects at the summit. IDE bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers to solve trade challenges in order to meet project deadlines. With over 3500 pre-scheduled face to face meetings, Design Mission Africa aims to provide a lucrative platform for investment, growth and an aid in the completion of these projects.

It was a great experience to be a part of 12th Edition Design Mission Africa as I got to have vibrant interactions with the attendees. I would like to mention that I was pleasantly surprised; the scale of the summit is perfect as I got to interact with the right decision makers and top class suppliers.”-  Principal Architect at BBA Architects

design-mission-image6Collaboration is the key to success when dealing with projects in Africa, and IDE is providing the best platform for this growth in the table top event Design Mission Africa.

Design Mission Africa is set to take place on 17th & 18th November 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

For more information on Design Mission Africa please click here.




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