NavBIM Breaking African Grounds

Africa’s Google for BIM

This is an exciting time for the African construction sector, as it moves into its own era of digital construction and unlocks the efficiencies of digital construction and information management not only during the design stages of projects, but throughout the construction and operational stages too. The key to unlocking this potential is BIM (Building Information Modelling) and this navigation tool is a comprehensive step by step guide aligned with international BIM standards and best practice to help you improve how you share and analyse data through the entire life of a building.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has gained much traction in recent years as digital construction technology that will fundamentally transform the building and construction industry practice in the delivery of an excellent built environment. It is a game changing technology that will improve the construction productivity as well as the level of integration and collaboration across the various disciplines in the construction value chain. It is therefore important for the industry to embrace the technology with clarity.

Countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore have transformed their own construction sectors significantly and valuable lessons can be learnt from their combined journeys. It is however also important to factor in Africa’s unique strengths and weaknesses into the process.

We hope that every BIM user can truly reap the benefits of BIM by integrating it into his/her day-to-day workflow – from feasibility study to facility management. We hope that BIM users can use this portal as a platform to jumpstart their BIM adoption, before they leap to greater heights, innovating and transforming their workflow.

BIM is a journey. We envisage that it will grow with time and will inspire more advanced and innovative use of BIM. I would like to encourage all BIM practitioners to join in this industry effort to grow this portal into a wealth of BIM knowledge for Africa.


Much of the information on NavBIM is through the guidance development philosophy from Australian Natspec. and the Singapore Building Construction Authority . The site also includes much of the associated British Standards and refers to parts of the BS 1192 / ISO 19650 standards.

Vaughan Harris, founder and content generator for NavBIM says, “Africa needs guidance during these transformation times. Most companies need to move in a new direction, a start-up must professionalize, product and service innovations must be accelerated and competitive positioning must be strengthened. I am proud to give Africa a launch pad to assist them through this journey”


Since the official launch of NavBIM in September 2018, it has already received over 172 000 impressions and 2500 clicks on the African continent alone. Many businesses in Africa are still not very aware of the benefits of BIM but this is very encouraging as it tells us that Africa is hungry to learn and this gives learners and businesses the opportunity to learn online.

NavBIM is your Google to BIM!

This guidance portal has been designed to:

  • Keep information exchange working simple
  • Aligned to the needs of the African built environment and various education bodies and institutions.
  • Support private clients and procuring authorities to decide where appropriate, BIM should be implemented within projects and be guided by the project team depending the information that has been made available to the team.
  • Support a methodology that links the business processes undertaken during the construction of built facilities with the specification of information that is required by these processes, and a way to map and describe the information processes across the life cycle of construction works.
  • Keep members up to date on latest technology through training and education.


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