The PPC Builder’s App

PPC-appThe PPC Builder’s App:  complete your toolbox in just one click

Launched in 2013, PPC’s Builder’s App was designed and custom-built for Africa’s building and construction industry. Conceptualised to address typical challenges facing both large and small contractors, and everyone in-between, the app offers users a combination of product information, professional advice and guidance, as well as a host of features including weather and volume calculators.

The PPC Builder’s App was, and remains, a very exciting project for our team to work on,” explains Sibongile Mooko, General Manager: Marketing Services at PPC. “We saw this as a unique opportunity to connect with our product users, partner with them on their projects and, ultimately, ensure their success by sharing our knowledge and expertise in this space via their phones. As cement is a time- and temperature-sensitive product, things like measuring quantities accurately and knowing the weather forecast can often make all the difference. As such, this app was the ideal opportunity for PPC to go ‘beyond the bag’.”

Available for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, the app was designed to be both user-friendly and practical. It’s also free.


“The features we’ve included to date were inspired by our own practical knowledge of building sites,” adds Mooko. “We considered everything from what information project managers often need to try and source, all the way through to the fact that they might not have a pen and paper available at that critical moment.”

The PPC Project Centre allows you to manage important details of all your projects. You can save calculations, store project photos, and create/assign tasks to suppliers and contacts. You can also email a PDF of all project details to any email address, ensuring you remain in touch with your team, suppliers and clients.

The Product Calculators enable you to use the Builder’s App to accurately calculate product quantities and costs involved before starting a new project, enabling you to plan and avoid incorrect mixing calculations – an expensive waste of product and time.


  • The Knowledge Centre hosts a variety of helpful information: everything from a comprehensive information glossary, to answers to cement-related FAQs, DIY tips and video tutorials.
  • Store Locators can be used quickly and easily to find the closest PPC supplier to your location. It also advises on stores in a requested area and gives directions.
  • The Weather Watch feature allows you to drill down into up-to-date forecasts for any location. This means you’re able to plan projects according to the weather, ensuring you won’t be caught unprepared when moisture and damp cause delays to cement mixing.
  • PPC Product Information is another important feature. Here you can access, email download or view full product data sheets from your device, as well as source any material safety information required.
  • The Spirit and Surface Level Measure is perhaps the most fun feature of the app. Here you can use your device to get accurate measurements and achieve the precision you’re after in your project.

With over 28 000 app downloads already, Mooko maintains that this is just a taste of what PPC customers can look forward to in the future: “As technology continues evolving at such a rapid pace, we’ll continue looking for ways to use it as an enabler, and drive efficiencies and savings. We thus see our PPC Builder’s App as the start of good things to come, and welcome feedback and recommendations from users about its future and ongoing development.”



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