Rule 10 – Ensure the teams know what is expected of them []

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It’s easy to give someone a new job description and expect them to get on with it. It can also lead to a lot of agitated people on the project and wasted time. The best practice is to interact with them personally right from the start, as to what is expected of them, I now refer to the BIM information exchange process. It’s vital that the team know what part they play in the model delivery plan and what is requires from them to ensure information, as well as data, is past-on, to the relevant parties. Project is far more than just having a well detailed BIM execution Plan but it is essential that team members know the roles and are competent in the tasks required of them, and the company for that matter. For many, BIM is new on a project and it helps if you have a “BIM buddy” or mentor were team players, remember I said team players are linked to someone more experienced who can show them the ropes and not feel they have to stick an IOU sticker on everyone they pass information onto.