Rule 11 – Respect Digital Differences []

It’s critical to pay attention to all of this. Don’t assume that now that you the digital leader you free to roam the corridors and align your teams with the best and greatest systems out there. Build relationships with key stakeholders, and look out for potential landmines, they are usually just outside the IT Departments’ passage or doorway. That’s political savvy! IT professionals in the construction sector often don’t understand new construction processes and 3D modelling methodologies. This can lead to the fragmentation of collaboration on projects caused by IT constraints. (Remember, your IT department is now essentially focused on system security.) We tend to rather see IT departments hinder that innovation process by improving system security and internal data integration with third party applications, which may improve their internal processes, but does not map the road towards sustainability. Yet, we need to respect them for their skills and the job they are employed to do. I have worked with several large architects and engineering firms. I expect them to operate on the latest design software systems and have the best BIM Managers out there. I also am fully aware that not all architects fully support or understand the BIM process as yet.