Rule 5 – Let the team see Digital Engineering [BIM Rules of Engagement]


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The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this: “Tell me and I’ll remember for an hour; show me and I’ll remember for a day; but let me do it and I’ll remember forever.” Some sage advice. So, if you are going to let the team do it, then they may do it badly at first especially if they new to the technology and the process.. They are going to make some mistakes or worse, engage their autopilot mode( Autopilot mode is that routine where you feel comfortable in your old ways of working and fear instant change. These digital engineering models also will allow designers to collaborate between our other consultants and gather information for numerous other tasks that you may not be involved with later down the project or even at operational stage. Taking the same models that designers are working on we can now share them with the asset management teams can be referred to as a digital twin.