Rule 6 – Rock n’ Roll as a BIM leader [BIM Rules of Engagement]


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Imagine replacing each team member with a machine. With Industry 4.0 rolling on, this may not be a stretch in the future. Imagine a team member robotically, efficiently and with laser focus did their job, performing their function. How would your strategy with design, estimating or construction change? What would your new set of applications look like? What about your business and revenue models? How would it transform the way we work, spend more time at home and how would we function? Start to rock n roll like a real BIM Manager and stop competing against the other guy down the corridor from you? Are you more experienced, tech-savvy or even kinder to animals than anybody else in the building? Perhaps not. (Keep your feet on the ground if want to be the rock star!) You are the most important person on your team because you set the bar, you the BIM lead. Everyone else takes their lead from you. So some sound advice, If you feel that your not up to role, step down and lets some else take that bull by the horns ; it’s your professional duty as the leader to set the digital standard, raise the bar, be the person you want to lead your team towards digital success. If your team is like a flock of birds, you need to make sure they don’t fly around you like swallows. Where one goes, you want them all to go. And you’re the one they all follow. If you excel and shine, so everyone becomes enthusiastic about the future that lies ahead.
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