Rule 7 – Digital Discussions [BIM Rules of Engagement]

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Inevitably project meetings will have to take place around a table but remember that almost everybody attending will receive the agenda or meeting minutes. If your objective is to impart information, then do it online and digitally. A Common data environment such as Asite, will track the audit trail of those who have been tasked with the responsibility and notify all team players of the outcome or progress. There are CDE features for team members to comment on and discuss the information you have shared. Be sure to capture and share this communication too (formal or informal.) We so quick to use WhatsApp to manage our personal communications. Using free platforms at a project level such as dropbox or Google Drive will only have disastrous consequences later on or well after the project has been completed. Covid 10 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to Restart, reset, and Re-invent ourselves. ( Source:… ) As a project team, you need to decide in advance what the objective is and make sure that the objective is met. This digital discussion or virtual Meetings have four purposes: To create and fuse a team To impart or share information To brainstorm ideas (and make decisions) To collect information digitally (and make decisions)
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