Rule 8 – Growing a team without ‘Titles or Identities’ [BIM Rules of Engagement]


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Imagine having a project team without formal titles? Allowing each person to take on multiple roles and levels of responsibility within the project; an open-project environment, where tasks are tackled on as teams not by a discipline.  So how do we minimise this entitlement-attitude and stop staff or even teams from leaving the project midway through or joining the opposition? As a leader of a division or project you need to take into consideration the things that your staff enjoy and want in the workplace: Try implementing attractive staff benefits, both intangible (such as training and leader-board programs) and staff incentives).  Tailor messages and career-development offerings to target groups (traditional managers for instance vs. ‘millennials’ have different expectations).  Consider all psychological aspects (corporate social responsibility, executives as role models, etc.). Part of your job is to Lead and manage the transformation of the digital built environment sector, so as a manager, you are required to: develop a highly competent professional workforce with string titled individuals adopt productive & game-changing technologies, and promote and educate the team or individuals niche expertise

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