Rule 9- Hire Raw Talent [BIM Rules of Engagement]

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Stephen is the Head of Architecture and Design at Macdonald & Company and knows all about what it means to hire raw talent he is well known across the globe for founding the Architecture Social community group which is a must for anyone wanting to make an impact on the Architecture & Design Industry. Business as usual” isn’t the way you want to follow. Many people , and companies are still sitting in the COVID 19 hangover phase, companies can’t afford to go back to normal as it is no longer a desired state for the construction industry. Those companies who are planning to go back to normal or even waiting for others to show them the new path are already in serious danger. The only viable option for the construction sector is to approach specific digital tools and standardised processes and this means considering hiring new talent. The AEC Industry has shifted its way of working towards digitisation since the late 1990s. The past few months has also shown us a radical shift in the technology is now being used by earlier adopters. Even though Design software platforms have become widely used across most major projects, so it is now part of the foundation for BIM-based working. That has put another hurdle for many newly qualified job-seekers as companies have tried to source the best of the best and seek raw talent in the market, but most of the talent sourced seems to be around design. These are the people you want on your team. The new raw talent; ready to step up to the plate without the traditional ways of working and egos . Never mind about the experience—anyone can get that, given time and all too often companies don’t seem to have time, they are too busy chasing their tales or new business. But the one thing you can’t do is fake technical talent. When you do find someone who has that grasp of tech-savvy experience offer them the job first and worry about the details later.