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About Greg

Greg is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) with over 30 years’ IT and Business practical experience and has 20 years in consulting and contracting for diverse organisations playing multiple roles:
– More than 10 years’ enterprise architecture & strategy
– More than 11 years’ architecting and designing enterprise solutions
– More than 15 years of professional software development
– More than 8 years of software project management
– More than 9 years’ experience in leading technical roles in development projects
– Over 8 years’ artificial intelligence and mathematics.


Africa BIM LibraryTM is a digital library with a categorised collection of component manufacturing products, projects and integrated BOM management, along with the means for organising, storing, and retrieving the digital content.


Products & Services

You can freely browse and compare products from manufactures and download their associated specifications and digital content.

Product specifications can be directly downloaded into specification design tools in a variety of formats and platforms.

Manufacturers use Africa BIM Library as a platform to brand, host and manage their products/data including product builds and integrated bill-of-materials management (BOM).

Building sector professionals use Africa BIM Library to source relevant content and to specify the ideal solution.