The technical BIM vendors directory – essential resources for BIM

While it is impossible to fully understand the depth and breadth of BIM software tools and resources, the following software vendor directory and professional listings will give organisations and individuals a better understanding and insight of BIM tools and resources available in the African market.

Consider BIM as a Holistic Approach

BIM is not a 3D drawing tool or a particular piece of software. It is rather a way of thinking or holistic approach which cuts down mistakes, improves the certainty of outcomes and offeres better collaboration. The 3D model involves integrated design, connected data, visualisation and a collaborative enviroment for the design team, contractors, suppliers and the client.

How to Choose a Building Information Modeling Service

When looking for a BIM partner or professional, do not place too much importance on the specific tool or software they use. It is the skill and expertise of the BIM team and processes that will ultimately shape the outcome of your project.

Check their Experience

As any employer would look for relevant software first, you should also check the features within the software offering and also determine their experience in BIM. Check their portfolio and website for past projects that are relevant to your field and interest.

Can you get Hold of any References?

After checking the experience the next thing you should ask them references of past clients and contractors where BIM has been a focus. Contact your service provider and ask for their references ; they should not hesitate to give it unless they have something to hide.

While checking out with the references make sure you enquire about the work quality and pain points experienced by them. Find out how their customer service is and the degree of their responsiveness.

Budget is Important Too!

BIM is meant to reduce your costs both during design, construction and running the facility. Many BIM consultants charge by the hour but the best thing is to go with lump sum payment which works out to be the most cost effective.

To do not look for too cheap a service, as running a BIM on a project requires experts and professionals and that doesn’t come cheap.